Tuesday, December 1, 2009

brrr. Its cold outside

It's starting to feel like winter outside. Yeah ! I really do like the colder weather.

We took our holiday photot the other day and then re took it a few days later.
I have this unusal bruise on my thigh and I couldn't figure it out. It is in a strange pattern.
I told someone abot our holiday picture and she thought the bruise was from the dog. Oh great ! I have a bruise on my thigh in the shape of a dog paw. Stop laughing. It's not that funny.

I changed the times I am taking my muscle relaxers to see if I feel less sore all thru the day.
The only problem, and it is a major problem, is I have to take a nap i nthe afternoon becausethe pills make me so fuzzy and tired.
So I will get less stuff done around here. I have to mute my phone so it doesn't ring and I answer sounding drunk.
will let you know in a few days how the change is working out.

Have a great day everbody.


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