Sunday, December 13, 2009

A very talented MSer

Here is a picture of Tim submitted by his wife Janet.
Tim has MS and was diagnosed in 2000.
Janet submitted this photo to me to put on my website under
"Community Page" but I am having some difficulties with that so until I figure it out ( it must be an MS thing, haha) I thought I would also share it with my readers.
Ya know how much I love these kind of stories.
Tim built this bookrack for his local MS Support group.
He recently switched to Tysabri and since doing so he has been able to resume past activites like carpentry. He is in the process of remodeling their basement. Wow ! come to my house !
Janet, thanks so much for sending this to me. I will figure out to get it on my website eventually. My brain hurts to much to figure it out right now.
By the way, Tim and Janet are fellow cheeseheads and reside a short distance from me.
Nice to meet you. Next time I am in the neighborhood ( Mr. Rodger's neighborhood)
I will buy you a cup of coffee.
Thanks again. Tim, great work. Love the color red but especially love the T shirt.
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Jen said...

Great inspiring story. Thanks! : )

Janet Meydam said...

Thanks for posting the picture, Cathy! I do have to make a correction - my husband's name is Tim, not Tom.

Cathy said...

Oops ! I have corrected his name.