Tuesday, August 30, 2011

one ringy dingy

Yesterday I made 6 phone calls, left 6 messages and today, a full day later,
I am still waiting for a return call from ALL 6 ofthem.

The economy sucks, or so I have been told,  and a business is not
returning a phone call to a customer ready to buy.

One of these people actually has my down payment and I still can't get a return phone call.

Now, I realize customer service is somewhat non-existent anymore but come on
people you can't possibly have soooooooooooooooooooooo much business
you can't return a phone call.

I actually get emails from my customers thanking me for my customer service. I guess
I'm the only one who provides it still. I send every customer an email , not a form letter ( you can tell by the typo's) thanking them for their order...

Sad. A woman with MS and I'm the only one who provides customer service..

Have a great day everybody !

I'll be sitting by the phone waiting for a call from someone...


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