Tuesday, August 9, 2011

recall election

Today is the big recall election of several State Senators.

This entire situation was a fiasco from the start when Madison, the state capital,
allowed all of those protestors in the building 24/7.

And the sad part is that most of the protestors weren't even Wisconsin residents.
Most of them ,as finally admitted by President Obama, were from his group he
founded and supports.


Don't we have enough problems in this country without the President of the United
States interfering in a State's politics.

Didn't this country just LOSE our AAA credit rating?
Millions of people are out of work. The economy well, it just plain, sucks.

Come on...focus on this country like you promised.

I, for one, am very dissapointed...What happened to all those promises?..
Maybe we as a country need to do some more recalls?????

Have a great day everybody ! And BTW we bought a bunch of stock yesterday
and I smell vacation coming on...



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