Monday, August 22, 2011

Packers visit the Whitehouse

This post is about a week late...Too busy...

The Packers visited the Whitehouse recently as the current Superbowl champs..

It had so much media coverage because it is tradition for the superbowl
champs to visit the Whitehouse.

This year nobody was sure it was going to happen becaue of the labor dispute
in the NFL and nobody was  sure what would happen in lieu of Obama's
snide remarks about the Packers.

Obama is a Bears fan ( need I say more) and the teams have always hated each
other.  Obama made the comment "hewouldn't go to the Superbowl (something Presidents usually do) unless his Bears were there. A total snub to the Packers.

Well the Packers gave Obama a jersey when he visited Wisconsin and signed on
it was " see you at the Whitehouse"

Everybody behaved themselves and all joked about the incident but it does
make you wonder about "foot in mouth syndrom"

Go Pack ! It's too bad everybody couldn't be happy for a team that was so
banged up and still reached the ultimate goal.
It's a football game, let's keep politics out of it. Okey dokey

Have a great  day everybody


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