Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So our wonderful leaders finally pssed a bill to make sure the United States
doesn't end up defaulting on our debt.

Now as I watch TV all I hear about is jobs,jobs, jobs.

With that said I have to point out that Harry Reid said We are
going to tax millionaires, billionaires and people who own yachts.
WTF ? You asshole. Do you know that the boating industry was
at 75 % unemployment just a short time ago?

Do you know they are finally rebounding and starting to rehire

Thank you doofus Harry Reid because you just slammed the enitre
boating industry. People who work for that already unstable industry.
Innocent people who mfg. these boats and yachts and provide jobs.

Next time. Harry Reid, think before you speak. You have now jeopardized
an entire industry...

You can sign me as " wife of a boating industry employee"

Have a great day everybody !! If you live in Harry Reid's area please
tell him to shut the F up.


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