Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama visit

Tomorrow President Obama is going to be in Wisconsin.

Should be interesting seeing he just snubbed the Packers when he
publically announced he would be attending the Superbowl to see his
precious Bears play.
Oh wait, Mr. Pres your precious Bears will be sitting on the couch
watching us PACKERS.   Well the very least you could have done, Mr. Pres
was congratulate the Packers and the Steelers. Two superb teams !!

It will also be interesting visit because Wisconsin just went red in November.
Republican all the way,,Governor, Senators, etc.
We even got rid of 18 yr veteran senator Feingold.

Unemployment is high out here and there is alot of union backlash.

So ,Welcome to Wisconsin President Obama. Your plane will be landing in Green Bay.
You remember them they kicked your precious bears butts. hahahahahahaha !

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