Friday, January 21, 2011

brrr It's cold

It was 10 below zero this morning when we took the dogs outside.

Let me repeat the 10 below zero. This was the actual temp not the wind chill.

Didn't it mske the news? Oh that'sright we live in Wisconsin and we're used to it.
Minnesota made the news at 41 below zero and New York made the news because
eeeeek they saw a snowflake.

So I ask yo uthis,,,does anybody still believethis global warming garbage we have
been fed for years? Because frankly I'm confused.....

Have a great day every body

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1 comment:

Muffie said...

If it's any consolation, WI was on the news in Phila. Seems a reporter in LaCrosse threw boiling water into the air, and it turned to snow. My sister who lives in WI laughs when she comes East and our news shows get so excited about our snowstorms.
I have a hard time with the global warming until we hit the 90s in the summer. Then I'm convinced!