Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1 st stop Mazatlan

Our first stop was Mazatlan. But that was after a day at sea.

We arrived in Mazatlan in the morning. We stood out on our balcony and watch the ship dock.
Staring at the beautiful beaches.
We didn't really have a plan except Mark wanted to buy a watch.

We had talked to the shopping guy on the ship the day before and he recommended a store
for us.
We took a taxi. A word I will use loosly. I thought I was going to s**t my pants. OMG that was quite the experience. They are called open air taxi's which means they are the bottom end of VW bus from the 70's
and scaffolding around the top.
My hair was so big when we arrived at the store. I could hardly get a comb through it.

Once inside the store we bumped into Thomas, the shopping guy from the ship.

Mark and I got separated and I found myself looking at watches for myself. Well, long
story short, I ended up buying myself a Phillip Stein watch. Very classy watch. I wore a Movado
for a long time but it didn't have numbers and I really need numbers.

I caught up with Mark who was buying a beautiful watch for himself. The service at the store
was unbelievable. I guess when you plunk down that kind of money they treat you well. LOL

We were hungry and Thomas suggested a place nearby so off we headed to it.
It was literally on the beach. My hair was blowing but it looked so bad from the taxi I didn't
We had an authentic mexican meal. Yummy !! We were pooped  so we headed back to the ship.
We were afraid to take a taxi again. We found the calm taxi driver who gave us a tour and pointed out
a bunch of stuff. He was wonderful.

Going thru customs was going to be fun when we got back to San Diego because we figured out we went way over our limit. Oops ! We decided it was our present to each other and didn't give it a second thought.
After all we were on vacation !!

Have a great day every body


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