Saturday, January 15, 2011

celebration time

Mark & I had a great time celebrating my birthday yesterday.

I posted this morning on my facebook page "Is it possible to
have a happiness hangover?"

According to my friends, yes it is....:-)

2010 was a rough year. Feelings of abandonment and betrayal
from my family once again surfaced. This year 2011 Mark & I
plan to celebrate our love for each other and stand by each other
thru anything that comes our way.

We've been discussing travel plans but as most of you know his
travel schedule is already packed so we will have to fit something in
during a slow time. Probably over the summer.

Talked to Mark's family on the phone last night. Thanks for the birthday
wishes. Sorry you should have caught me pre champagne and I would
have been more coherent but I did have the giggles. :-)

Off to run the biz, pack orders, lunch (now that I can keep food down again)
and get ready for the big game tonight. GO PACK

Have a great day everybody !!! Remember to smile, dance and giggle !!


Tell a friend or two !!


Muffie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday wishes!

Caregivingly Yours,

Cathy said...

Thanks Muff and Patrick. I did have a great bday :-)