Sunday, November 22, 2009


Lately I have been experiencing some rather rude behavior that seems to bethe norm these days.

Maybe someone can explain to me.. why someone would friend someone who is a friend on my facebook page when you don't know this person?
If they are not on your friend page, they are NOT your friend. They are my friend and etiquette would say back the heck off. How rude!

If you want to know how to set up a business, buy a book and learn like I did. And please stop selling the same products I do. This is my business and please respect it. Us MS er's should support each other and be proud of our accomplishments. I built this business from scratch and I am very proud of it's success.

If you want my advice on a subject and you call me at an odd hour. I spend a hour on the phone with you so you can go out and do the wrong thing anyway, please lose my phone number.

Please don't drink and get pissy with me when I won't get in your vehicle after you have been drinking.

If you want my life, my friends, my business, then work hard like I did. Things don't come easy for all. I don't have a money tree growing out back. I pay my taxes ( because my husband has a job), my own mortgage ( I didn't get a bailout). I have my own health care coverage and I pinch every penny to make it happen. I use every coupon I can find and I always will. Thats how I could afford a trip to Europe.

If I donate to your cause, please say Thank You. Even a stinkin email form letter would be great.

If you want to sell something on my site, make it a well made product, ship it when you should or you will be gone in a flash.

Thank you to the two women who ran to the door at the gym the other day. I don't know you but I thank you. It is a refreshing change to have someone do a random act of kindness, especially when I feel like I am constantly being used in other aspects of my life.
People like you keep me going. I'm sure I will see you again at the gym. Thanks again for reminding me that people don't always have a hidden agenda.

Have a great day everyboy.


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Lisa Emrich said...

I had an odd experience just yesterday, receiving an email from someone who recently 'friended' me on Facebook announcing a NMSS/Tupperware fundraiser. The thing which probably annoyed me the most was that there were a heck of a lot of email addresses on the send list, including my own. Geez, nowadays use BCC! Ugg.

Sorry so many other negative things have been happening around you lately.

Jen said...

You tell 'em, Cathy! I like this rant : )