Friday, November 6, 2009

busy busy busy

I have been so busy lately I have been ignoring my blog.
Thanks for the emails reminding me of it. haha !

Business is good so I have been wrapped up in orders and such.

Mark is in town ( for once) so we are trying to get caught up on all the
stuff I need to get done but need assistance with.

We had a pile of brances from a bush Mark cut down and couldn't find anyone
who wanted to earn a few bucks to haul it the dump for us.

All these people out of work, with a truck, and nobody would get off yheir lazy
rear end to earn a few bucks. Yesterday I called everybody I knew begging for help.

Well, I know this is going to sound like a commercial, but our state farm agent ( like a good neighbor, State Farm is there)or really
his office, came thru for us.
Within an hour I got a call and he was there 30 minutes later.
He mde a mess cleaning it up and asked me for a broom to clean it up.
Wow ! I'm glad I have your card, you will be hearing from us again. I was so impressed.
I paid him well.

Gotta renew my ad with MSF, pay some bills for the business. Do a lot of paperwork
and redo inventory. Sheesh ! Alot of work. Just made an online donation to MSF on facebook.

Finished all my orders, made all the bracelets and I am so ready for a nap. haha !

Dinner is calling so I'll start that shortly.The mail just arrived. I heard our graceful
mailman. The dogs got real excited.

Please remember our troops this holiday season. A card or gift would be so appreciated.

Have a great day everybody !


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