Tuesday, November 10, 2009

another credit card nightmare

Yesterday we received a letter from our credit card company that our card had "been compromised" and for security they were cancelling the card and reissuing one.

We also received the new cards. So I have spent all morning changing the credit card # on our accounts that bill autmoatically each month. The newspaper, MSN, a few other accounts.

I got to the last one and would not update online. I called customer service and they couldn't figure it out and they told me to call the bank.

I called the bank and they called the one account with me to resolve it only to find out the security code was invalid sequence and would not go in their system.

So now the bank will be issuing new cards, same number, but different security code and then I have to change the account information all over again.

We still have access to our credit card ( which is good cause Mark is headed out of town)
and I have wasted an entire morning.

Thanks for catching the security issue bank/credit card company. This is the third itme this year we have gone thru this.
Tell me whose system got hacked and I will call in my orders and not do it online.

I am so frustrated. I get to do this all over again next week. Can't people find something else to do besides hacking into retailers systems.

Have a great day everybody.


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Diane said...

If this were FB I would say I "unlike" this for you. Sorry you are having to go through this credit card dilemna.