Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bring back customer service...please

Last night we attempted to go out for dinner. Something we rarely do because we both like to cook and we like to eat healthy.
Our first attempt was a favorite hangout for us both. Great food and just an overall fun atmosphere. Well we couldn't find an open parking space and we even tried on street parking so we decided to try restaurant #2.
This next place is in a hotel. We walked in and we waited for the hostess. and we waited and we waited. She could see us but for some reason decided to pretend she couldn't. You know the situation where the employee will oversell the people she is with instead of politely excusing herself to seat the new customers. So I decided to knock loudly on the podium to get someone/ anyones attention. This same employee turned around and gave me a hand gesture like I was bothering her. So needless to say we left there. Ramada you should be ashamed of yourself.

Restaurant # 3 was not only closed but appeared to be out of business. Not surprising.

We were ready to just give up when we decided on a place across town but on the way I remembered a new place.
We ended up at a great BBQ place. We had eaten there before and it was really good. I like to support the little guy. A new business started by a young couple. They are really down to earth and understand good food, great atmosphere but most of all CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I don't eat meat that often but I enjoyed a brisket plate. So much food I had so much leftovers for tonight.
Thanks guys. Branson's BBQ. You won the golden award for everything last night. A perfect 10 dining experience and I think you have become our new favorite restaurant.

Have a great day everybody.


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Herrad said...

Hi Cathy,
Good post thanks for sharing.