Friday, July 31, 2009

more family ???

Yesterday I got a " friend" request on Facebook from someone with the same last
name as mine.
Now granted this is my married name but still it is pretty funny.

Since I joined this family, they all believed the name was very rare. A few
years ago we were asked to provide info for a Geneology book and were given it
but I guess we didn't really take it seriously because we didn't know any of these people.

So last night I accepted the friend request and we started chatting on facebook. He asked
if any of the the family was from a certain area and I said NO as far as we knew.
Later Mark and I found the geneology book and low and behold that is where so much of the family is from.
So I think Mark and this guy are related. Too funny.

The geneology book is difficult to read. Especially since it is not my family.
We do know there is another man with the same name as my husband and he actually lives in Wisconsin also.
He is the president of the Beef council, or something like that.
My Mark was out of town when I got an irate call one night from somebody fuming
about a beef recall. Ha ????
That's when we figured out the other Mark existed. I told the fuming woman on the phone that unless it has to do with a boat it wasn't my Mark you wanted.
We laughed so hard when I told him about it.
His mom didn't believe another one existed.
So I guess we will read this book a little more carefully and figure out if we are related.
If not, maybe we can all be friends anyway. I wonder if anyone ever spells his name right. I will read the book Scott and figure out if we are related. Thanks for friending me.

Have a great day everybody !


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