Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Back

We arrived back in the States on Monday, with our luggage. Then headed out to pick up the dogs at the kennel.

Noelle wasn't feeling well. She is a "sensitive" dog and missed us alot. She gets very moody which in turn makes her sick.

So we ended up taking her to the vet yesterday after she threw up all afternoon. Yuk

She is feeling better today. Yeah !

So we had a great time. Some things we will probably do differently if we ever get the chance to do it again.

We actually flew to Venice and spent two nights there and then boarded a cruiseship for some other ports. While we were in Venice we took the water taxi over to Murano Island. Very pretty.

We stopped at many ports on the cruise so I'll go in order. First was Ancona, Italy.

Then Santorini, Greece where we took a cable car up the side of the mountain. What a spectacular view. We are both afraid of heights so it was an interesting ride. I rearranged the contents of my purse for a while so I didn't have to look up. But it was breathtaking once I did look.

Then we went to Mykonos, Greece. This was without a doubt my favorite stop. I wanted to send a postcard to the family saying we had a bought a villa and we weren't coming back.

Next stop was Athens. I didn't get off the ship because all there was to do was excursions climbing rocks. Mark had a great time with some friends we made.

Then we went to Corfu, Greece. Another beautiful place.

Last stop was Croatia. Awesome beaches and fabulous ice cream. yum

Then we arrived back in Venice where we spent one last night. Flew to Germany the next morning. Stayed in Frankfurt for the night and flew home to Wisconsin the next day.

Had a great flight home from Frankfurt to Chicago. Thanks to the flight attendants who took such good care of me, especially Ron. It was wonderful meeting you. People like you inspire me to push my body to the limit.

It was well into the 90-100 degrees in every port except Venice the second time where it was a beautiful 75.

Needless to say my cooling vest got a workout and it literally saved my rear. I am so glad I brought it with me.

I'll post more pics as the week goes on. Doing laundry for 2 weeks and getting caught up on orders for the business. My friend took care of the business while we were gone. Thanks so much Barb I appreciate it more than you know. It takes a very special person to do that for someone so I could enjoy myself and not worry.

Have a great day everybody !


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Joan said...

Welcome home! -Joan

Libby said...

welcome home, cathy! and i totally love the way you write about it....i can almost see everything as you describe it!!