Friday, July 3, 2009

fireworks and a scared dog

It's 6:20 pm and the fireworks are already going off next door at the park by some kids playing around.
Last Sunday morning at 9:00 am we were eating breakfast to the sound of them going off.

This community is so obsessed with fireworks it is sad.

I am not a fireworks fan ( probably a result of 9/11 and having a front row seat that day) but loud noises and certain smells ( fireworks burining) bring back that horrible time in my life.
But I'm okay with a fireworks show down by lake put on by the city. I'm not okay having to put up with fireworks 9 months of the year.

One year Mark was out back trying desperately to get the dog to go to the bathroom when a flying firework came hurdling thru my neighbors very dry tree and landed an inch away from Mark and the dog.
That year many of the residents referred to the fireworks as being in Baghdad. It was awful and it was all night long for many nights.
The police have no control over the situation. If they busted a few people early then things would go alot smoother but our police dept led by Chief Lazy Ass are pathetic.

When we first moved to this town I worked about 20 minutes away. My coworkers all laughed when I told them where we lived. I guess this town has the reuptation that if you want to get away with someone then come here.
After meeting the police chief the first time I could see why. The other joke is if you do get caught make them chase you on foot. Our police chief weighs about 400 lbs. I could outrun him and I use a walker. LOL

Anyway, I am trying to get ready for this weekend. Took a nap, have all the music ready to play very loudly to help with the noise. We will try and take the rescue dog out early and then I'll probably pull an all nighter with the dog. Get that ice cream and sugar high ready !
We have tried every medication and nothing works but because I don't know his background I never know what I am in for.
I hope he doesn't try to wedge himself into a small space.
Happy fourth of July everybody ! Enjoy the fireworks. If you can't find me look under the bed. I'll be hunkered down there with the dog.


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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Geez - do I understand what you mean with the fireworks. I have (3) dogs and each year for both July 4th and New Years eve, the evening brings lots of barking and even some howling, sometimes past midnight.
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and now it's just past 6pm on July 4th and the screeching bottle rockets are beginning to fill the sky..
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Diane said...

Wow. Sorry to hear that...hey I wanted to mention, my friends are going to somewhere in Wisconsin that is on the peninsula part? Is that a nice vacation spot? They are renting a home.

Cathy said...

Last night the 4th) was worse. I didn't sleep at all. I had the TV blaring til 2:00 am trying to keep calm in the house. It's not like I have MS or something and need sleep.

Cathy said...


Your friends are probably going to Door County. Really beautiful area and lots of small towns with great places to shop and eat. Lots of little cottages people rent out also. They should have a great time.