Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm back.. I've had way too many things going on at once. And as we all know multi tasking is not as easy as it once was when you have MS.
Last week, I became a hermit. The week of Sept. 11 is always a difficult time for me. I tried very hard not to watch TV, listen to the radio or go on the internet. But, I had so many calls from people checking on me so it was hard to not think about it. The good thing is that every year it does get easier to deal with. I just hate answering that question " where were you on Sept. 11? "
Grrrrr !! In case anybody doesn't know I had a front row seat.

My support group met Wednesday. We didn't have a speaker. We just talked and shared. It was actually a very good meeting. The negative Nellies didn't show up and the constant interupters weren't there either so everybody respected each other and was able to share.

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