Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As you can tell by the name of this blog "Navigating the Journey of MS" we are boaters.
We took the boat out yesterday with some friends and took a ride across the lake and down the river to a restaurant for lunch. We have had an awful boating season. In June we had the flood and there was so much debris in the lake we were afraid to take it out for fear we would hit a log. We waited a long time before finally taking it out only to hit something and spin the prop.
After we got it repaired we ran into weather problems. When Mark was in town, it was raining or we had other plans and when we had beautiful weather Mark was out of town.
So Labor Day was a day long overdue. It was 90 degrees and well, we know what MS does in the heat. I actually lasted longer than Mark thought I would but when I crashed, I crashed. After we docked the boat, he took me home to the comfort of my a/c. I felt dehydrated so I ate a peach and curled up on the couch and checked on Hurricane Gustav.
I was so proud of myself for pacing myself and lasting as long as I did under such extreme weather conditions. I am so glad we finally had a nice boat day this season and we got to share it with friends. I am in a little discomfort today because I guess I missed with the suntan lotion. My knee caps are bright red !! Oops! I can't wait for next weekend !

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