Friday, August 24, 2012

Packers won !

Last night the Packers finally won a game.

Yeah I know its only pre-season but still we really needed a win.

When we went to the game last week they handed us a roster..We were so
grateful because they played all the rookies, 2 and 3rd stringers.

We didnt recognize anyone. LOL

We left 3rd qtr. It was cold and rainy and my MS right leg would NOT bend anymore.
I have 8 steps into my home and full of flight of stairsto our bedroom.
It was also an hour and half ride home so we had some concerns.

It was pre-season but it was our fist game as season ticket holders so we were

Ate all kinds of crappy food and paid the price on Friday. Why do I do things like that?/

Have a great Friday everybody


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