Friday, August 10, 2012

Back in the saddle

After 6 long weeks I was able to ride my horse again last week.

I call him my horse but he is just the horse I always ride and well, I'm totally in love with him.

Smokey has been acting up and feelin put out is what they told me when I returned to the barn after being sick and unable to ride for so long.

I joked maybe he missed me. I asked if I could go see him before class and they said yes. Didnt have to say it twice I was on my way to his stall.

He was being prepped groomed and fit for me riding.

His ears perked up when he saw me and I have to say I almost started to cry.

It was obvious not a good time to visit so we left.

When I got on him I gave him a big hug. Did you miss me? And my Smokey was back.

Had a great time riding but I was sore afterward.

Told him about my book and that he was a star. Cant wait til next week. Giddy up !

Have a great day everybody


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