Thursday, August 2, 2012

my porch

For the past 6 weeks I've been trying to get my front porch more handicap accessible.

We have an old Victorian built in 1895 and our front porch is about 5 feet across.

I have found that I really need a rail on both sides ( my arms arent that long)
and having a really hard time getting a contractor to help us.

I have called over 12, got 2 to show up for appts, and one quote. Sheesh ! Is the economy really that good for you guys ??

Last Monday we got a call from our contractor at 7 am asking if they could do the rail
that day..heck yeah, come on over.

By 11 am they were done and I got to test it that night when I had a meeting to go to.
First time in a long time, Mark didnt have to help me going up or down.

Very empowering. Now I can leave the house by myself again.

The rail still needs to be painted and as soon as it stops raining Mark & I are going to do it together. 

Have a great day everybody !


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