Thursday, March 22, 2012

a trip to the ER

Yesterday I spent the day in the ER..

I fell the day before and landed hard on my hip then I fell down the stairs yesterday

I sat at the bottom of the stairs at 5 am with the dogs who really needed to go outside.
But I sat there unable to get up.

Not sure what to do I called my husband, who is in Europe. I asked him to call our neighbor, who has a key and would recognize Marks number vs my cell.

So he called and no answer. Great now what. Someohow I managed to get up and take the dogs, My body hurt so bad

My neighbor called about 9am. He was at work and asked if I thought I should have my hip looked at. No hesitation. YES YES YES

He said he said he'd pick me up at noon.

Anyway, the hip is not broken. Thank god. It is a very bad bruise. A sprain.

Thank god Mark was out of town I can only imagine what they were thinking when my male neighbor brought me to the ER covered in bruises, including one on my face.

I was suprised by why people came to the ER and the way they behaved. I guess if you act like an ass you get helped first and not in the order you arrived.
I sat there in pain minding my business while everybody else got helped first.
Oh well, I did the right thing. I wont behave like that.

No stairs so we (the dogs and I) spent the night last night on the couch. They were
confused but let me get some sleep. I'm glad I have a laptop to keep the business running.

Have a great day everybody. Mark is on his way home.


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