Thursday, February 9, 2012

Words with Friends

Is anybody else hooked on this game?

I am such a word person. I love to read, write and play any word game. Not that I am the best
at word games but I really enjoy them and they keep my brain active.

The biggest mistake I made was putting this app on my iphone. Yikes ! Thank god they limit you
to 20 games.

I have a few pet peeves. People who dont play consistently. Really Folks does it take a month to play one game?
And people who wont resign. If I'm beating you by 100 points your not going to catch up..

People who write inappropiate words. I play with a random partner alot and I cant believe what people
post. You dont know if I'm 12 or 40 so please think twice before doing things like that.

With all of that said, does anybody want to play a game with me?
If you are on facebook, friend me and I'm listed under my name.

If you are a random person, I am listed as sheltiema, Exception is Alec Baldwin LOL

Have a great day everybody ! 


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