Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's V-D Day !

No not that VD. It's Valentine's Day !

Another Hallmark holiday ! haha

When I went to bed last night there was a card on my pillow. Doesnt sound like much but
Mark is out of town. Hmmm ! how did he do that?

He bought flowers for me at the grocery store on Sunday..Ok, full disclosure he always buys me flowers
every week when he goes to the grocery store...I always have fresh flowers in my kitchen.

We shared a wonderful chocolate cake Sunday night along with crab legs and he bought us tickets for an upcoming concert/show in Green Bay. We are even going to stay up  there and have someone staying here with the dogs.

I, on the other hand, had my gift to  him completely fall apart.
I had a couple of pics enlarged  from our vow renewal in Oahu in December.  
I dont drive so I had to pay for shipping. Yuck ! I even upgraded the shipping to priority so it could get here in time.
It arrived in 2 days. Wow ! And the frames I ordered to put the pics in.. Well, you know where I'm going with this one. Backordered ! WTF?

I allowed enough time to pull this off but I didnt plan on backordered.

Anyway, the frames arrived and of course he's not in town...Oh well, I'll put them together
and give them to him when he gets back.

I already told him what I got him.

Hope everybody has a great day !


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