Monday, February 6, 2012

Family tree

I've been working on my family tree project for quite some time.

Unlike the TV show it is not that easy nor do I have the means to travel to Europe to
find "clues" to my past.

I just want to find family members who I can call "family"
You know the type..The ones that will be there for you thru thick and thin. The ones who will support you without wanting something in return. The ones that remember your birthday.

Well, good news I have found family members who will do just that. Yippee !

I am so excited about getting to know them. A plus for me is that one member also has MS.
Not that I would wish this awful thing on anyone but I found a genetic link and somebody who gets it.

I feel very blessed with these discoveries and the opportunities are endless.

Making progress with Mark's family to so maybe the next " family reunion" that is held we
will be invited to.

Have a great day everybody ! Hug you dog, your spouse or if need be a total stranger !


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