Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My darling doggy

Ripley, my rescue dog, has been sick on and off for a few months. Occasionally
losing his lunch while sleeping.
He has never been a dog who has gotten sick and we all figured it was something in the
yard as the snow melted. He has also never been a dog to eat anything in the yard, ecept snow, so we were
all a bit confused.

We figured it was acid reflux.

Ealier in the week he got sick while sleeping on our bed. Took out the brand new satin comforter.

Yesterday he got sick everywhere, twice.....It was a NOT a pretty day for me having to clean
all of that up. You know, balance issues and MS plus it was disgusting. eeek !

I called the vet again and they squeezed him for the afternoon. Ran a bunch of tests. Mark
brought him. During dinner the vet called. Bring him back NOW ! OMG what is happening
to my baby?

We brought him back and they filled him with liquids.It seems he has some intestinal block
going on causing his kidneys to not process properly. They are all but shutting down on him.

We are pumping him full of meds today. And he has to go outside alot so work is a problem
for me.
He does seem to have a glimmer in his eye again so I'm praying whatever we are feeding him is working.

I told him today he better not die on me. I can't deal with that right now. Say a prayer for my
big baby dog. I love him so much. He truly is my gift from god...He came into my life just after I was diagnosed. He needed me and I needed him.

Have a great day everybody. Hug you fur kids one extra time...



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Cathy said...

Ripley wagged his tail yesterday when Mark came home from work.....Big step that maybe the meds are working....:-)