Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Wisconsin Uproar

In case you haven't read about it, Wisconsin is in a fight with passing the Governors Budget,

14 cowardly Senators ran across the border to Illinois. In the meantime our beautiful State Capitol
building is being thrashed by protestors.

My question is why? This building is a gem. A beautiful piece of architecture that now has taped signs
on the woodwork. The marbles floors are covered with litter. People were bringing their pets there.

I can only imagine the stench in the building. This building belongs to the residents of Wisconsin.
Not the protestors being bussed in from every state.
So who is going to clean our building? And will it ever be the same? I see the pictures on TV and
I am sickened at how bad it looks.

Will I ever get to meet with my Legislatures again? I know of many groups that had to cancel their
events to meet with their legislature because it is unsafe for them to attend.

Oh cowardly Senators come back home. If you don't like the bill just vote. Take your stand there. Do
you job you were elelcted to do so we the people of Wisconsin can have our legislators back.

We have issues too. It's not about you, its about us. Every taxpaying citizen of this great state.
The state with the Super Bowl champions ( thanks for poo poo ing that victory).
This is a State of so many things and we the public are sick of the protestors who don't even live here.

Grow up people, give us our state back........

Have a great day everybody


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