Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Officer down

Sunday one of our police officers was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Another officer is in critical condition and his K-9 is also in critical condition.

The office who died was only 28 years old. His birthday would have been next week. He was
a veteran and served two tours in Aghanistan and Iraq. And yet he was killed at home.

This is something that hits a small town very hard. although I did not know him personally my
heart and prayers go out to his family, especailly his wife.

This is a pretty safe town. Our police department is small and this town is like a family. Typical midwest.
That's a compliment. People here just do things for each other and really don't expect anything
in return. Like I said Typical midwest. I love living in the midwest.

Please say a prayer for this officer who lost his life just doing his job. His family, our police department.

Please also say a prayer for the officer still recovering and his beloved dog and partner.
Both of which remain in critical condition.

Be safe everybody. Have a great day !


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