Friday, March 18, 2011

MS Awareness Week

This week I sent emails to about 25 friends & family that simply said
"Happy MS Awareness Week , I'm sure you are all doing your part to raise awareness
and help find a cure"

I recieved about 10 replies of  "Yes, I am doing my part and we will find a cure...together",
"Believe", " stay strong", "you inspire me" "Let's find a cure" etc.

And of course, I recieved one negative reply. Anybody want to guess who?
My "family" of course. Sheesh. They made my MS about them again.
Wasn't going to even mention it because I'm sure they are excited it is being written about.
Whatever !

Been a rough week. Neuro appt ! Love my dr's. Having some MS Complications
as many of you probably know from my facebook page.
Dr's visits lined up in the next few weeks. Eeek ! I can get through this.

I have a great support system. Thanks Mark, his family, great friends and even my
customers and vendors.

One day at a time ! Thanks for the flowers----(you know who you are) They were perfect !

Thanks for the support for the MS Walk......I am overwhelmed by the support...Go Team !!
By the way if you want to me or post and I'll give you instructions. :-)

Have a great day everybody !!! 

MS Awareness items-Orange ribbon merchandise

Tell a Friend !!

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