Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ugly politics

Our primary is next week and things here are getting a little ugly.

President Obama has been to Wisconsin 3 times in the past 2 months
because they are all afraid they will lose their senate seat.

He talked about our train to nowhere. I am all for a train in Wisconsin but
how about from Green Bay to Milwaukee. Maybe a stop in my town?
I would ride it   all the time. Go shopping in Green Bay and go shopping
in Milwaukee.

Our Governor also is not running for re-election (thank god) so that election
is getting ugly too.

Every year it seems things get uglier and uglier for elections.

Unemployment in this State is one of the  highest  in the country.
The street we live on is full of empty homes where people just walked away
after losing their jobs.
I really hope things get better in this country soon.

I'm not a political person but I'm tired of witnessing this country's downfall.

Should be an interesting next few days. I wonder just how much mud
they can sling at each other.

Have a great day everybody.


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Libby said...

hey cathy! ohio's just like that too! my x & i walked away after 19 yrs...& we went our separate ways... )he got himself fired & & i think he's gonna file bankruptcy

Cathy said...

Libby your unemployment is higher than ours. Both bad and nobody wants to hear it will get better.