Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pay Attention

Yesterday as you may have heard President Obama was once again here
in Wisconsin. Our Senator is running for re election and struggling.

This would be the 4th visit by the President of the United States for this piece of sh*t
senator. OMG.
So at the same time another major manufacturer is threatening to leave
Wisconsin,. having major union problems too. A strike may take place this week.more
people out of work.

And where was our Senator? The same Senator who walked away from my husbands employer
when they were having problems. The same Senator who let everybody else deal with  the problem.

Both sides, democrats and republicans worked together to solve that problem. When I met with
our state Senator Randy Hopper, a truly honorable guy, last March we both agreed congress
could have learned so much about the way this was handled. Everybody worked together
to solve the problem. red, blue it didn't matter.

Last night was a dissapointment that this major manufacturer( who was so nearby ) was struggling and they were all in Madison. Sad Sad sad.

This is the first time I have ever had a political sign in my front yard. And I have three...
We need to get rid of Senator Feingold. You are a sad excuse for representing Wisconsin. 
I personally don't care if you are a democrat or a republican. Just pay attention to the problems
here at home.
Our unemployment in this state is awful.

Have a great day everybody


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Libby said...

oh, cathy...i truly dislike feingold...(trying not to use the word hate so much..)obama wants the unions to take over the u.s...& now the former seiu leader (obama's buddy) is under an fbi investigation! & then there's the teachers' unions....!!!!!!

Cathy said...

Libby after all we went thru with the unions here I don't think either one of us should get started. Argh...