Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family Day at the Zoo

On Saturday Mark and I had a table for the business at the National MS Society's
Family day at the zoo in Milwaukee.

It was a cold rainy day and yes we were uncovered (except those nasty tree's that kept
dripping on everybody ) It was okay because we really only had one downpour.
Of course we weren't at the table at the time ( someone had to go to the bathroom) so the
guys at the next table grabbed our tarp and covered everything. Thanks
Adam and Andrew, the brain guys. They had a new MRI service and were giving out stress
balls shaped like brains. I love these guys.

Mark and I had a great time and enjoyed meeting some of our customers. One lady said she
showed up for the event just to meet us. I'm humbled by that and thanks so much

I think I picked up a little cold. Have the sniffles and a sore throat but I'm tough so I'll
keep going strong.

Sold lots of stuff. We had a great time. I slept 9 1/2 hours that night.

Thanks for inviting us NMSS to be  part of this wonderful event. The zoo in Milwaukee is
spectacular. To Ruth and Patty, our next door table friends, thanks for everything. It's a merry
go round, not a carasuel.

Thanks to Jeremy at NMSS for putting on such a wonderful event. And where's lunch?
Just kidding, Jeremy you did a fabulous job.

Have a great day everybody.


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