Sunday, June 6, 2010

what a difference a year or two makes

Two years ago today we started our business
I remember sitting in our attorneys office having just signed papers
to make our business official with the State of Wisconsin.

Elation is the only word that comes to mind as we realized we were starting a whole new chapter in our lives and of making our dreams come true.

We were both beaming when we left the attorneys office. But our happiness lasted only a few hours before we realized we would be making one of the most difficult descions anybody has to make. It's such a personal decision and yet so devastating.

Later that evening, a few hours past our elation we had to make the decision to put our beloved dog Goldie down.
After being sick for 5-6 weeks we realized it was time. So, our morning of elation quickly turned to an evening of devastation.

Needless to say moving forward with the business was one of the most difficult things I encountered. We finally went live on the internet in September.

We have a page dedicated to Goldie called Goldies Goodies. Just all the odd ball and unsual stuff we carry.She was indeed an oddball. A perfect place to show offf those adorable stuffed bears. One of which is also named Goldie.

I think about that little Golden Bear ( named after my favorite golfer Jack Nicklaus whose nickname was the Golden Bear) everytime I get an order. Her smile makes me smile and I know with all my heart we made the right decision that day. She is probably up in heaven picking a fight with all the big dogs.
Rest in peace, my little angel. We love you and miss you.

Have a great day everybody


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Jodi said...

Hi Cathy,
Great blog and great shop! I have a newish MS Blog as well and I'm trying to connect w/ others so I would love for you to read or follow.
Best, Jodi