Thursday, September 22, 2011

sick doggy

Yesterday the dogs were supposed to be groomed by a friend
who just started a mobile pet grooming service.

I had to cancel because A-Rod (our little one) was so sick during
the night and nobody got any sleep.

He ate breakfast in the morning and promptly lost his cookies, so
to speak.

I called the vet and because he is a newbie to us and has had stomach
 in the past, supposedly, they wanted to see him.
He has NEVER gotten sick since we got him with the exception of
the first week he ate his dinner and ran around the house like the nut he is and
lost it. We refer to it as "self induced"

Anyway, he probably just ate something in the yard. We have a squirrel and
 bunny problem. We live next to a park and I guess they haven't figured out the
property line yet.

Today, A-Rod seems to be doing better but is contstantly needing to pee.

He's still clingly, butthat is normal for him

Have a great day everybody


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