Sunday, July 24, 2011

tunnel attack

Ok, so it's not a terrorist thing.  It's a rather funny story.

Because Noelle (my dog) just had surgery we are unable to go for walks right now. The little dog ARod
is driving me insane with his abdundance of energy.
My shoulder actually hurts from playing fetch with him ALL day. Or at least it seems that way.

I had a brilliant idea to purchase some agility equipment we could utilize in the house. I know
Mrs. Brady always says "don't play ball in the house" but we are going to do it anyway. hehe !
You know we always play football during football season.. Hope there is one this year. .

I bought a tunnel for  the dogs. It arrived Friday afternoon while Noelle was at the vet getting her stitches out. Arod was really mopey so I thought I would unpack it so I colud take a look at it.

It was a packing nightmare. A box within a box within a box...Really guys was it going to break without all that padding? It's a tunnel...

Anyway, I was engrossed in unpacking it I didn't hear Mark come home with Noelle. He startled me
as the tunnel sprung into shape.  All I could say was "help" I can only imagine how funny I looked to Mark as he saw me sitting covered in a 6 ft tunnel  trying to close this springy slinky thing of a dog tunnel.

We finally got it closed and when the dogs settled down from missing each other we put it on the living room floor and they had a blast.

The other item I bought was a hoop on a stand ( designed for little dogs ). It should arrive this week. I'll take pics as I shouldn't be the only one to enjoy this silliness. Everybody needs a good laugh and
these dogs are sure to provide it.

Have a great day everybody !


I'll post later about our wonderful evening last night...Broke my glasses and can't see real well. :-(

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