Monday, July 25, 2011

Travis Bikes America

Saturday evening we met up with Travis White as he rode thru Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Travis is riding his bike across America to raise money and awareness for MS.
Wow ! What an amazing guy !

I got a call about noon Saturday asking if I knew anything about Travis coming thru town.
I hadn't heard a thing. Of course, we didn't pick up the call til early afternoon. Running
errands in this wonderful heat and humidity. Yuck !

I got another call about 4:00 did I want to get together with him? The thought of someone doing a cross country bike ride for MS  was amazing and yes, I realy wanted to meet him.

I was so exhausted but I figured it was just down the street. When Mark & I got there we met Travis's wife SueEllen, Dave Blavat , who had called me, Dave Hornung, a bicyclist himself and Travis.

Dave Hornung invited us all out to his home where we took a boat ride around the lake.
Now did I mention it was brutally hot and humid?
Great relaxing time but my body wanted to die. Humidity is my worst nightmare.

We shared some wine, great conversation and took some pics. Travis gave me a tshirt (see photo)
and I decided to help him raise money.
The other picture is Travis and I. I'm a little wiped out and NO I didnt have any wine.

So here is a link to his blog and a way to keep track of hisride and donate, if you would like.
Travis also has MS...

Of course, today i'm walking great...Something about a day late, dollar short. LOL
Anyway, I am surethey all understood this disease has a mind of it's own and it'll
remind you every chance it has.

Thanks Dave, Dave, SueEllen and Travis...But most of all Mark, my hubby, who was so tired but went there anyway, just for me.


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