Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what balls?

Just recieved a call from Palm Beach Cruise/Travel. They are the travel agent for the MSF Cruise for a Cause.
Last year they marked up the cruise tickets and then had the balls to "donate" the money to MSF.

Hey, we all figured out your donation was really our money. I could have used that $100 donation for my taxes. Instead this ballsy travel agent is claiming a whopping $20,000 donation. Must be nice to have morals
like this.

DO NOT understand any circumstances book a cruise with these people. They are unethical and don't know how to book anything let alone help a person with a disability.

I will NEVER go on another MSF cruise. I paid more for the l;ast cruise then I did for our
cruise to Europe. Tell me there was no markup in those tickets. Give me a break.

I will do eerything I can to make sure they don't take advantage of another person with a disability.
They should be ashamed.

They are also known as Get in the game. In Florida. If you need a good travel agent let me know and i'll refer you mine.

Have a great day everybody


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