Thursday, October 21, 2010

getting a head start

I have been trying to get a jump start on my holiday shopping and I have to say
I am in really good shape.
Of course as my family walked away from us our list grew much smaller. Not a big
deal we never got nything from them they ust expected presents from us. I think
I'll adopt a family on one of the christmas trees in the mall instead. They will appreciate
what they get.
And I ca nspoil my adopted soldier in Iraq. Sorry folks just can't seem to spend money
on "family" that treated us so badly again when we needed them. By the way, they
still haven't called like they "promised" they would. It must e tough being retired and
deciding which channel to put the TV on. Decisions decisions ?

Mark and I decided earlier in the year we really didn't want to do a big holiday card. Ok, so maybe I
decided it. I usually make, we take a photo and then include a letter.

I got this adorable card sale in the mail yesterday and we decided to buy cards, use a photo
from one our vacations this year and then I'll write a letter to include.

So here's my question to you....Do I send a card to the family?  Could really use your input.

Have a great day everybody


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