Thursday, May 27, 2010

my to do list

My to do list is growing and growing. I seem to knock a few things off and then add a dozen. Sheesh am I ever going to get caught up?

Mark's been gne for 9 days and came home today. He was supposeto be home last night but as usual I got the phone call "I'm stuck in Chicago". If I had a nickel for every time I got that call. haha !

Anyway, he spent the night at the Hyatt while I dragged my exhausted butt around the house.

He was in London, then Switzerland.

The dogs missed him alot and when they do they don't want to do anything. One gets so nervous she can't eat. At this moment she hasn't had breakfast and it is almost 3 in the afternoon. I have tried a few times to feed her but she just keeps walking away from her bowl.
The other one develops "male selective hearing" when Mark is gone and I feel like I am yelling at him the whole time. He is old and he does have a hearing problem but I feel like I yell instead of talk to him. Mark bought me a shirt that says "I'm not much of a whisperer, I'm more of a yeller".

The business has been so busy. If you are one of the people that placed an order in the past few days, I apologize I never made it to post office. It's been 90-95 degrees and I did the post office a few times and just about died from the heat.

My office looks like a bomb dropped on it. New products, Shirts to add to inventory, projects I am working on. Anybody have a shovel?
If you have ever met somebody that said working from home is a 9-5 job they are not successful. I worked til 10:30 last night just packing orders.

I could really use a nap or maybe just a glass of wine. Is it five o'clock somewhere?

Have a great day everybody


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