Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy .....

Last Sunday we had a table at the MS Walk Summerfest in Milwaukee for the business. It is the largest MS Walk in Wisconsin with approx 2500 walkers.
It was the first time Mark and I had been to the Summerfest grounds and we were like little kids looking at all the rides. We might have to check it out this summer when the music festival starts.
Needless to say it was a crazy busy day. Thanks NMSS for the table and your support of our business. Your donation is forthcoming.

We decided to spend the night in Milwaukee Satruday so we could set up at 7:30 am. We went to a great sushi restaurant, Sake Tumi. Say it fast and you'll get it. Stayed at a great Hilton that must have been over a 100 years old. The room was enormous and beautiful. I love old historic buildings.

We had the best taxi driver on the way back. He insisted I sit up front with him because it would be easier for me to get in and out. What? A person that gets a disability??? Thanks.
We all had the giggles for some reason. Me, because I had some crazy alcholic drink and I'm a cheap date. haha !

Somehow we started talking about the volkwagon commercial and I said "red one" and lightly punched the driver. All three of us burst into hysterical laughter.
Something so silly and we would have great memroies everytime we recalled that night.

Hope everybody who particpated in a MS Walk had a wonderful time. We, the people with MS, their friends and families, will find a cure someday and we will all join together in the largest group hug ever. Someone call the guiness world records I feel a cure in our horizon.

Have a fabulous day everybody.


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