Tuesday, February 9, 2010

where's the snow plow?

It is snowing today. Actually it snowed all day yesterday and they expect it will snow all day today. We don't have tons of snow but I ask " where is the snow plow?"
Our road is a disaster. It's not like its the "emergency route" for the hospital or something. Oh wait, I believe it is or at least thats what thesigns say that line the street.

I would hate to be that pregant woman being driven to the hospital by my husband with roads that look like these. She might just have that baby on my front porch. LOL

Hopefully the city will do something shortly.

Yesterday I had a crazy problem with Paypal. They process the payments for my our business TheMSShoppe.com. After being transferred to numerous people I felt like I had spoken to everybody in the Phillipines. I finally got a woman from Nebraska who was able to semi solve my problem. A flaw in their system but we worked it out.
I have a neighbor doing my Post Office run for me today.

Had a good nights sleep but I feel like I could put my head down and go right back to sleep. Whats that about? I may have to have a cup of coffee.

Hope everyone is having a great life. I can't wait for our upcoming vacation. I need something to read. Anybody read anything good recently?

Have a great day everybody


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Melissa B said...

just found your site & shop from a friend on FB....Thanks!

Cathy said...

Hi Melissa,

Glad you found me here. I'm glad your friend sent you my way.