Friday, February 5, 2010

good morning everybody

It's snowing lightly again today. It is the finest snow I have ever seen. A beautiful snow except I haveto venture out today in it so I am not 100 % loving the snow today.

Yesterday I had a bad fall. Just finished taking the dogs out. While closing the outside door I lost my balance ( in the mud room) and flew across the very tiny room. The snowshovels went flying. The broom fell off its hook. The room is small ( as most of older homes mud rooms are) and I touched all four walls at once. Ouch ! Needless to say I have bruises allllllll over.

Nothing broke. The dogs ran when they heard the commotion. As I laid on the floor Noelle first arrived on the scene. Sniffing at me. Although she hates the white fuzzy hat I wear when I take them out she came overto me and was very reassuring. Ripley, as he has done, with other falls lined himself up to me so I could use his back for balance. I didn't. but he just has this gift to offer his back.
I called Mark because I wanted him to know ( incase he couldn't reach me later). I did hit my head. But all in all it could have been worse. It was just one of those scary moments. I think I was feel over confident because I was walking so well.

I hope today is better. I don't need any more bruises.

Have a great day everybody. Tonight is date night and I can hardly see what he comes up with.


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Libby said...

Cathy, please read my latest blog i say in there, ty is a great med for some people..just not me, but i'm not BITTER about it at all...i'm very glad i tried it!

發言 said...

部落格很棒唷~ 支持你歐^^..............................

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are ok from the fall - your dog seems amazing offering you his back to lean on - if I did that I would faltten my dog!

Great Blog