Thursday, December 26, 2013

Slippery slide

Yesterday I was cleaning up and decided to empty the trash
Got on scooter and rounded everything up
Got toe my ramp , which had just been shoveled
With my front wheels on downward slope the scooter took off sliding down a sheet of ice and landing with force against the fence

I couldn't believe it. I think I screamed the whole way down
I put the trash away and turned around
My scooter couldn't handle the ice. Wheels turning but going nowhere. I was stuck
I screamed for help because it was 10 degrees and I had no coat

I pressed my emergency button.
I could hardly hear them abd they couldn't hear me

After 40 minutes and calling everybody local on the phone the EMT showed up. Jumped the fence and got be in the house

I was checked for frostbite my friend and her husband showed up wrapped me in blankets 
Got me warmed up

Merry Christmas everybody

This was the true meaning of friendship

Have a great day everybody

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