Friday, December 13, 2013

Lost my hat

Yesterday despite the bitter cold I ventured out to the grocery store 

I had plans to take handi van there earlier in the day but cancelled because I had computer problems and couldn't get my orders done

Do my friend took me and I got the groceries I needed
As I was getting in car we noticed I'd lost my hat. She went in looked around but couldn't find it 
Left my name and number with customer service
Called this morning and nobody had turned it in

I am so upset

Not that I lost my hat but how somebody could keep it
It was 10 degrees out and windchill was about 25 below zero
What kind of person does that?

The hat was a Packers knit hat that someone
Special bought for me. It was also the breast cancer awareness hat ( my mother has breast cancer. )

I bought another one today at a sporting goods store
It was their last one

To the person who found my hat at grocery store abd kept it in such a cold day. I wish you a Merry Christmas .
I hope Santa brings you what you deserve... Karma 

Have a great day everybody

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