Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where does the day go ?

It's been so busy lately in my life.

I've been working on some year end stuff for the business. It takes me longer to do this than most people. Ususally because my fingers hurt but I'm slowly making progress..

We have had alot of orders lately. I'm ready to put the dogs to wrok. Also, a few Post Office problems. It doesnt seem difficult to deliver the mail but they have managed to lose a few packages..They eventually show up but I feel like a fire chief putting out the fires.

It's also been snowing alot. I love the snowbut I think  I've had my fill. Spring where are you ?

Dealing with the sleepies again..I've been feeling so tired again. And with no warning. I'm starting to think I have narcolpsy. I get so tired so suddenly I just have to lay down.
Mark has been in town so that helps with meal preps..He made a big pot of stew over the weekend. Man, I love a man who can cook.

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Have a great day everybody


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