Friday, February 22, 2013


Spent the morning to re-route a UPS package...

I ordered it last night and it is scheduled for delivery on Monday.

It is a really large package and I am unable to manage it myself. I dont
want it put on the porch because we are suppose to get a big snow storm Monday.

UPS wanted me to set up an account ( for a mere $40) wtf? so they could email me when I have a package. Wow ! What a bargain !!
This after spending 230 minutes on Hold.

Try customer service first before ou charge $40 to do your job. Just saying !

UPS your new system stinks. Been a business customer for over 10 years.
Your welcome for my business howeve2r you can take your $40 and shove it up
our ass.

Have a great day everybody


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