Saturday, December 29, 2012

goodbye my friend

Today was the funeral of a friend of mine..

Yesterday I read in our local newspaper her obit..I couldnt believe it but yet it didnt
surprise me.

Her obit was short and sweet and the only reference to her family was her son who died a few years ago. No mention of her sisters or her mother.
It gave no cause of death but as an educated guest I am assuming she took her own life.

She struggled with depression and her MS had gotten so bad over the years.

I was unable to attend her service. As a wheelchair user and the snow all day it was not a good combination...Mark is still recovering from surgery

Yesterday I couldnt help but feel guilty someone should have been able to help her.
She pushed people away, including me..

Rest in Peace...Hope you and your son meet up in heaven and your eternal life is better.

Have a great day everybody


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