Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Puppy mill raid

Last week yet another horrible puppy mill (breeder) got raided.

It was 10 pm when the Sheriffs dept showed up. They found a 10 yr old home alone with a DEAD goat in the living room and cow carcasses burning in the yard.

The owner showed up about 11:30 pm and promised to feed the dogs.

The next morning authorities and the humane society showed up to sieze over 70
starving siberian huskies.
The kid went to foster care. The goats and other farm animals were given to a local

Since that time a few of the dogs had to be put down. Who knows how many more will

Needless to say our small humane society is overwhelmed. These dogs are in horrible shape. They are starving, extremely thin. Their beautiful coats are matted full of fleas and ticks. All unfixed.

Several. or most, of them are missing a foot or an ear. Probably due to hunger but the ear thing is raising alot of questions. Straight cut, all the same ear and all males. Hmmm. Do you think they are trying to hide something?

Anyway, our humane society now has 68 large hungry huskys who need food.

We stopped by the other day with a check. It wasnt much but itll help with the vet bills.

Please hwlp STOP puppy mills in his country. We need to take better care of our animals and enforce the laws people.  

Hug your dog, feed him and if you are not able to, please surrender them to a rescue or

Have a great day everybody


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