Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New meds

Two weeks ago I stopped taking Gilenya..

So why do I feel so much better being on nothing?

Started the end of December and have been sick ever since until I stopped taking it two
weeks ago. Hmmm...

Going back on Tysabri..Doing the cleanout now of the old meds before starting the new.

Today I had so much energy I baked brownies. I havent baked in 6 months because I hate to.
I'm a cook, a good cook, but I never got baking...hehe

Mark will be home a little later on today from Europe. The dogs are sleeping, sssh. They are so cute when they are sleeping.

Havent heard from any family member. You know the supporters who tell their friends how helpful they are to me but I never hear from them.

Tired of my calls and emails going unanswered. Dont really need that type of suuport.

Have a great day everybody


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